1. Hi, I am interested in joining this. Is this a free workshop? Should one have prior experience in calligraphy and what are the things to bring along?

  2. I’d love to join but I’m out of town today. Pls let me know the next time you conduct this workshop

  3. What is the date of the next class?
    How long does it last – 1 hour, 2 hours?
    And where you write: “In August, will take place one meeting with the nib and penholder…” does that mean you will provide the nib and penholder, or that the student should bring the nib and penholder?
    I am very interested.
    Thanks, Adriene

    1. Hallo. We don’t know the date of the next class yet, but you can like us on a fb or just look here from time to time 😉
      The classes last three hours and all materials provides leading.
      Best Regards,

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